Whether you’re planning a complete kitchen renovation or just a refresh, there are some key appliance trends to be aware of. From energy-efficient models to smart technology, here’s what’s hot in kitchen renovation in Adelaide and kitchen appliances:

Smart Technology – One of the biggest trends in kitchen appliances is the addition of smart technology. This can include WiFi connectivity, hands-free operation, and voice control. While some may see this as a gimmick, the truth is that these features can make your life a lot easier.

For example, preheating your oven from your smartphone before leaving work can save you valuable time when trying to get dinner on the table.

Energy Efficiency – As more of us become conscious of our environmental impact, energy-efficient appliances are becoming increasingly popular. Many of the latest models are significantly more efficient than their predecessors, saving you money on your energy bills. Look for appliances with an Energy Star rating to be sure you’re getting the most efficient option.

When shopping for new appliances, remember that the initial cost is not the only factor to consider. Appliances with a higher initial cost may save you money in the long run if they are more energy efficient. Be sure to do your research to find the appliance that best suits your needs.

Matte Black Finishes – While stainless steel has long been the finish for kitchen appliances, matte black is starting to come back. This trend is particularly popular with range hoods, but you’ll also find it on other appliances like fridges and dishwashers.

Matte black adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen and can help complement other design elements like dark countertops or cabinets.

Built-In Appliances – Another popular trend is the use of built-in appliances. This can help create a seamless look in your kitchen and make better use of space.

For example, built-in coffee makers or microwaves can be installed right into your kitchen cabinets to save countertop space. Building appliances are worth considering if you’re planning a complete kitchen renovation.

Flexible Storage Options – As kitchens get smaller, flexible storage options are becoming more important. As a result, many of the latest appliances come with features like adjustable shelves and racks that can be customised to fit your needs. 

This way, you can make the most of your space without sacrificing functionality.

Some of the most popular storage solutions for small kitchen renovation in Adelaide


  • Hanging pots and pans: This is a great way to free up space on your stove or countertop. You can also use hooks to hang things like utensils, towels, and other cooking supplies.
  • Magnetic knife strips: These are perfect for storing knives within easy reach. Plus, they help to keep your counters clutter-free.
  • Over-the-sink shelves: These are ideal for storing frequently used items like spices, soap, and dishwashing supplies.
  • Under-cabinet baskets: These can be used to store everything from food wraps and aluminium foil to measuring cups and dishtowels.