Water heater maintenance is essential. Learn what you need to do to maintain your valuable hot water system and make sure it runs for years to come.


Have you ever been in the middle of a hot shower, and your water suddenly turns ice-cold? This is just one example of what can happen if you don’t properly take care of your hot water system. But it doesn’t have to be this way!


Your hot water Gawler system works hard for you, providing warm baths, sparkling plates, and clean clothes throughout the year. So show your hot water system some love by giving it the maintenance it needs to keep running for its entire 10-year lifespan – and perhaps even beyond.


If you want to learn how to maintain your water heater, this article will show you what you need to do. Your water heating system will thank you later.


The Most Common Causes of Water System Breakdown

Do you know what the two most common causes of hot water system breakdowns are?


  • A buildup of sediment in your pipes or a clogged filter; can cause reduced flow and water pressure.
  • Lack of use will lead to corrosion and scale buildup that could eventually damage valves, heaters, radiators and other parts. This calls for regular checks on your hot water system, so it doesn’t break down before its time.


Hot Water Maintenance Tips

Not sure where to start with your maintenance schedule? Here’s how:


  1. First off, check the thermostat settings every month when you turn on your hot water heater – any changes could indicate an issue with either temperature controls or insulation.
  2. Secondly, remember to change the water filter once every three months. This will ensure that sediment doesn’t clog up your pipes and reduce pressure on hot water lines.
  3. Thirdly, check for leaks at least twice a year – this is usually an issue with corroded or loose fittings. You should be aware of any unusual sound to make sure it isn’t something more serious! You can also inspect them for corrosion by checking around valves, connections, and heat exchangers as well.
  4. Finally, remember to maintain the flow throughout the winter season; if too much cold air enters your piping system, it could lead to a costly repair later down the line. So, make sure all windows are closed when those temperatures drop below freezing outside.


Why Hire Professionals for Hot Water Maintenance

You might be tempted to handle water heater maintenance on your own, but it’s not always an easy task. Many more things come into play for hot water system professionals than just checking the tank and pipes. So you should consider hiring a professional if:


  • You have never performed any type of regular maintenance before or don’t know where to start;
  • There is some kind of leak in your piping system (either current or potential);
  • When waking up from winter break with no hot water Gawler because cold air has entered the piping system while pipes were closed;
  • There was a power outage during extreme weather condition such as a snowstorm, heavy rain, hurricane etc.;
  • You want help installing new equipment like booster pumps, water heaters, tanks.
  • You want to change your tank size.



Now you know how to care for your water heating system and keep it running smoothly. But if you have any more questions, contact a professional plumber like me at (insert phone number) or visit my company’s website here.