Perth legal experts expose the five telling signs that bad criminal lawyers possess to help people avoid hiring the wrong person.


The criminal justice system is a complicated topic. Like any profession, finding the right criminal defence attorney is just as complex. That’s why it’s crucial to be aware of the red flags.

Perth criminal lawyers are some of Australia’s top legal experts. They know the ups and downs and the criminal justice system’s ins and outs more than anybody. They also know to spot some bad criminal lawyers Perth that you should avoid.

“There are dozens of telling signs, but it can be narrowed down to three of the most crucial ones.”  says one of Perth’s top criminal defence attorneys, Kate King.

Poor Responsiveness

One way to determine if the criminal defence attorney is any good is by knowing how responsive they are before hiring them. Start assessing their level of response on your first meeting. Are they easy to book an appointment with? Do they keep you on hold for longer periods?

Professional criminal lawyers are busy juggling their daily schedule. However, they will always find time to meet with their clients. They even find the time to talk, especially when it’s urgent.

Whether it be in person or on the phone, your ideal criminal lawyer will be there for you. However, if you’re getting someone who is the exact opposite, consider finding a different attorney.


Bad attorneys tend to talk about themselves more instead of wanting from you. These are people who are overly obsessed with themselves that they fail to acknowledge what their clients truly need. If an attorney can’t stop talking about their experiences and credentials, consider looking for someone else.

The ideal criminal lawyers Perth want to hear what you have to say. They want to know every detail that happened so that they can mount a good defence once they represent you in court. Bad lawyers are prone to showing selfish behaviour that can potentially put you in a difficult position. So if you come across one, make sure you avoid them as much as you can.

Bad Reputation

Simply put, bad lawyers usually have an equally bad reputation. You can save yourself a lot of time if you look at the feedback and reviews an attorney is getting before acquiring their services.

The number of complaints and negative reviews is enough reasons for you not to choose them. Go for defence attorneys with the credentials to back it up. Select the one that has the best reputation.

“Always remember the bottom line of it all,” says Perth criminal defence attorney Andrew Williams. “Getting arrested and facing criminal charges is a life-changing thing. That’s why finding the right attorney is the most crucial decision you will ever make if you ever get into this situation.”