Thanks for the 87 additional votes, Don. I belief you may be immediate with the test?

Donald Trump will need to have actually appreciated dropping the presidential election, as a result of he is decided to maintain reliving the expertise as many occasions as he can handle. The Trump-demanded recount of the 2 largest (and most closely Democratic-voting counties) in Wisconsin has now concluded. The outcomes? Joe Biden’s victory over Trump grew by an additional 87 votes.

Underneath state regulation, the partial recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties to show that Joe Biden’s victory was just a few dozen votes extra victorious than we thought will price the Trump marketing campaign $3 million. It is extremely seemingly Trump’s workforce of grifters, liars and con artists will attempt to skip out on that invoice, citing much more outlandish claims than the present ones, so Wisconsin would possibly wish to begin getting ready for these lawsuits subsequent!