We all know how imperative it is to have our kids looking their best when they leave the house. But we’re also aware that keeping up with the latest trends can be expensive.

The founder of Muminthemadhouse says that one way to save money is to buy good quality items that will last longer. “An investment piece like a pair of leather shoes is always worth it as they will last much longer than a cheap pair from the high street and can be handed down to brothers and sisters too.”

She also adds that she puts bicarbonate of soda on her kid’s shoes when they start to look a little dull. The soda also removes any foul odour in the shoe. Sometimes she adds lavender oil for the smell.

When cleaning the shoes, it is essential to remove the insoles. This is done by gently pulling them out from the shoe’s heel. The insole can then be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

Once the insole is removed, you can use a horsehair brush to remove any dirt and debris from the surface of the leather. If your shoes are white, you can use a little bit of bleach on a damp cloth to clean them.

Once the shoes are clean, you can treat them with a leather conditioner. This will guide to keep the Everflex kids leather shoes soft and supple. You can also use a waterproofing spray on the shoes to help protect them from rain and snow.

When storing your kid’s leather shoes, it is essential to stuff them with newspaper so that they retain their shape. 

Purchase the right Everflex kids leather shoes. The shoes must fit the child’s feet to avoid any discomfort.

There are spray protectors available. These sprays can help to keep the shoes looking new for longer. The spray creates a barrier between the elements and the shoe.

It can shrink the leather and damage the shoe. You should also never put newspapers inside wet shoes as it can cause the leather to rot.

When cleaning the shoes, remove as much mud as possible with a brush before putting them in water. Consider not using a bar of soap as it can damage the leather. You should also avoid using any harsh chemicals on the shoes.

To remove salt stains, mix one-part vinegar with four parts of water and apply it to the stain with a cloth. This will help break down the salt to be wiped away easily.

Clean and polish the shoe all the time to maintain its shine. You can use a shoe shine kit or make your polish by mixing one part vinegar with two parts olive oil. Apply the polish to the shoe with a cloth and then buff it with a soft brush.

When you never put your shoes away from wet as this can cause them to develop mould and mildew. It is essential to buy good quality kids’ leather shoes. But it is also essential to take care of them to last longer. You can help your kids’ leather shoes last longer by following these simple tips.