FBI Warns of Fake CDC Emails in COVID-19 Phishing Alert

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Fraudsters exploit concerns by claiming to offer virus-related information or promising stimulus checks.

WFH Cybersecurity Concerns: Experts Weigh in on Phishing

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Cybersecurity Ventures Founder Steve Morgan said employers should equip their workers to handle phishing threats. JS Group CEO Janet Schijns said partners should team up with a company that has a…

Online face mask sales scams, 400% uptick of coronavirus phishing reports: Brit cops’ workload shifts online along with the nation’s

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Criminal scum use pandemic as golden business opportunity

Phishing attacks causing vulnerability to millions of Android phones.

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More than half of the Android mobile phones in use are susceptible to an advanced text-based phishing attack that only requires a cybercriminal make a $10 investment. Check Point researchers found…