Experts share locations and places in the US where bitcoin works and is accepted as a functional currency.

Since its launch in 2009, there’s been a constant debate on whether Bitcoin can work as a valid currency. Some believe that it’s nothing more than store value.


Many Bitcoin-shopping platforms like aim to promote the acceptance and use of Bitcoin as a valid currency.


“We believe that Bitcoin is something people can use for tangible purposes,” says Joshua Maher of “We envision a time where you can now use Bitcoin to spend on things like paying bills, buying online, or even as simple as buying your favourite coffee.”


While adaption is still in its infancy stage, many big-name companies already accept bitcoin as a valid point of payment. According to Zipmex, these companies include Microsoft, Home Depot, Starbucks, Twitch, Overstock, and many more.


These brands believe in Bitcoin’s potential. They claim that as more and more people and places use cryptocurrency, the more it will become mainstream.


The US is no stranger to cryptocurrency and the emergence of Bitcoin. In fact, shopping online with bitcoin is a pretty common thing. Whether it’s a Point of Sale system in a store or online e-commerce, Bitcoin is already an acceptable form of payment at multiple places around the country.


The list of available options is always changing. So, instead of giving you a flat list that will likely be outdated in a couple of months, experts are sharing a few of their favourite places to spend your hard-earned bitcoin.



Websites like, ZUMI, iChameleon, among others, make shopping online with bitcoin a breeze. These are online stores that feature thousands of products that deliver in any part of the US. Their primary form of payment? Bitcoin.



Florida is the US capital for cryptocurrency shopping. There is a ton of places that accept Bitcoin for payment. There’s even a Bitcoin ATM at the Emporium shopping mall. With that said, here are key places in Florida that will accept your digital dollars, according to the ‘What’s On Blog’ About the City of Florida:


  • Vera Chan – Concept store that sells handcrafted jewellery, clothes, gifts, and more.
  • Hero Subs – Sells the best subs in the state.
  • Roller Door Cafe – Bitcoin-powered coffee shop; also known for their breakfast meals.
  • GlowGolf – An 18 holes, UV-lit glow-in-the-dark mini-golf course.
  • Pool Parlor – bar and live music venue that lets you splurge your digital money on parties and live music shows.


The SG Mini Bar

If you want to spend your Bitcoin on some amazing nightlife, the SG mini bar is a great getaway. You can have a cold beer while playing some classic Atari Games. Once you’re satisfied, reach out to your digital wallet to make your payment.


Living Room of Satoshi

Are you looking for the most convenient way to pay your bills? The Living Room of Satoshi lets you transfer funds to your bank account and pay your bills at the same time. The best part about it is that you can pay your bills with Bitcoin